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Fourth Annual Glider Rally Underway

Marfa Gliders is currently hosting the fourth annual “Glider Rally” at Marfa Airport in west Texas, through August 15, 2005. Master Glider Flight Instructor Burt Compton will offer introductory rides to the public. He will also share his thirty-six years of flying experience with visiting pilots from around the United States. Privately owned racing gliders will participate in distance tasks over the Big Bend area of Texas, coached by National Soaring Champion John Byrd. Gliders are towed aloft by a powered airplane, then release the towrope and circle upwards in the invisible thermal updrafts found under cumulus clouds, sometimes soaring for over 500 miles. Twelve Texas State soaring records have been established at Marfa in the past two years. For the faint of heart, you don't need to go up - you can also enjoy watching from the shaded picnic area next to the new hangar on Marfa Airport. Read more at the Marfa Gliders website.


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